• The Department of Genome Sciences believes that science is for everyone and does not discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

    Upcoming Events

    小火箭连接成功上不去外网Thursday, August 6
    Dissertation Defense: Clara Amorosi
    (Ph.D. in Genome Sciences, Dunham Lab)
    "High-throughput methods of studying human cytochrome P450 activity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae"
    11:00 | held remotely | flier

    小飞机免费节点Friday, August 7
    Dissertation Defense: Claudia Espinoza
    (Ph.D. in Genome Sciences, Berg Lab)
    "Identification and characterization of the Imaginal Disc Growth Factor 3 pathway using the Drosophila dorsal appendage model, a partial genomic expedition"
    1:30 | held remotely | flier

    For a complete listing of GS events, please see the events calendar.


    Genome Sciences is delighted that 免费小飞机 has accepted our offer to be an assistant professor and will join the department in 2021. Dr. Feder is currently a Miller Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. She is a mathematical biologist who studies evolutionary forces that drive rapid adaptation, such as that seen in viruses becoming resistant to drugs.

    Genome Sciences is pleased to announce that Dr. Devin Schweppe has accepted our offer to be an assistant professor and will join our department in 2023. Dr. Schweppe is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Steven Gygi at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Schweppe will develop proteomics methods to analyze dynamic cellular signaling networks.

    2023 Incoming Class

    Introducing the Genome Sciences 2023 incoming class:

    Leah Anderson – Ohio State University
    Gabrielle Ferra – Brown University
    Lincoln Harris – Swarthmore College
    Chris Hsu – University of Washington
    Aidan Keith – University of Washington
    Tony Li – Johns Hopkins University
    Chris McGann – Northeastern University
    Alexis Neuman – Western Washington University
    Luana Paleologu – University of Washington
    Taylor Real – UC Santa Cruz
    Elena Romero – Harvey Mudd College
    Abbey Thorpe – George Washington University
    Cassia Wagner – UW MSTP


    Dr. Mary-Claire King and Dr. Peter Byers have received awards from the ASHG.
    Dr. Junhong Choi has been awarded a Damon Runyan Fellowship.
    Danielle Faivre and Deanna Plubell have been awarded NRSA Fellowships.
    Chengxiang Qiu has been awarded the Bonita and David Brewer Fellowship.
    Scanning for answers to a pandemic
    GatesNotes: A new surveillance program in Seattle is detecting cases of COVID-19 and helping guide public health responses.
    小飞机免费节点250,000 people now follow this Fred Hutch scientist on Twitter
    Dr. Trevor Bedford's research is featured in the Seattle Times.
    小飞机免费节点Dr. PingHsun Hsieh has been awarded a K99 Career Transition Award.
    Eliza Barkan has been awarded an NSF Fellowship. Conor Camplisson, Luana Paleologu, and Zorian Thornton have received honorable mention.
    Coronavirus May Have Spread in U.S. for Weeks, Gene Sequencing Suggests
    Dr. Trevor Bedford's research is featured in the NY Times.
    最新免费ssr飞机场 and Dr. Andrew Savinov have been awarded NRSA fellowships.
    小飞机免费节点Dr. Jay Shendure has been named The 2023 Leaders in Health Care Gold Award Winner for Achievement in Medical Research by Seattle Business magazine.
    GSAIMS has been awarded a Diversity and Inclusion Seed Grant from the University of Washington and is excited for their new upcoming events.
    小飞机免费节点 has been selected for the 2023 Gilbert S. Omenn Computational Proteomics Award.
    Technologies to watch in 2023: Dr. Elhanan Borenstein and former GS grad Dr. Alex Nord are featured in Nature article.
    最新免费ssr飞机场Dr. Harmit Malik and Dr. Ray Monnat have been named AAAS fellows.
    Emily Mitchell and Gennifer Merrihew have been awarded lab safety innovation awards from EH&S.
    "A lineage-resolved molecular atlas of C. elegans embryogenesis at single-cell resolution", by Jonathan Packer, et al, has been selected as the Editor’s Choice in developmental biology by The Scientist.
    最新免费ssr飞机场Kate Dusenbury and Will DeWitt have been awarded NRSA fellowships from the NIAID.
    免费小飞机 has been awarded an NRSA fellowship from the NIH.
    Clara Amorosi has been awarded a poster prize at the 飞机管理人小游戏免费版下载-飞机管理人游戏最新版:2 天前 · 飞机管理人游戏是一款放置合并的休闲益智类游戏,通过滑动屏幕组合同类飞机,并升级成全新的造型,加入机场中挂机赚钱,轻松的玩法和各式各样有趣的机种满足您的收集欲。 at the 2023 ASHG meeting
    免费小飞机 and Rebecca Martin have been awarded the Parker Travel Award for best poster at the department retreat.

    Introducing the Genome Sciences 2023 incoming graduate class:

    Anna Bakhtina, University of Washington
    Conor Camplisson, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
    Phillip Chu, Northwestern University
    Madeleine Duran, MIT
    Austin Gabel, UW MSTP
    Xavi Guitart, Vanderbilt University
    Kianna Hales, University of Washington
    Morgan Hamm, University of Washington
    Lilian Heil, University of North Carolina
    Maya Lewinsohn, UW MSTP
    Sophie Moggridge, University of Victoria
    Sriram Pendyala, UW MSTP
    Zorian Thornton, Virginia Tech
    Wei Yang, UCLA

    Seminar video from the Sandler Symposium is now available.

    最新免费ssr飞机场Ashley Hall has been awarded an NRSA fellowship from the NIH.

    Dr. Kelley Harris has been selected to join the Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences
    In Memoriam: Dr. Benjamin Hall
    High school intern Jenna Everard took first place in the Bio Expo, lab research category. Jenna was mentored by 恐龙 - 小飞机 | 豆瓣阅读:恐龙免费在线阅读或下载到手机。那是一顶蓝绿色的兜帽,恐龙呆滞的眼睛和触角凸起来,他的眼睛被遮盖在柔软的獠牙状帽檐下面。无论什么时候,他都不摘下帽子。那顶恐龙帽子就像是带着咒语一样,里面一定有什么玄机,它控制了路许的大脑,控制了他的神经,让他变得和伍前不一样了。
    小飞机免费节点最新免费ssr飞机场Robin Aguilar, Phoebe Parrish, and Sam Smukowski have been awarded NSF fellowships.
    Dr. Kelley Harris has been named a Searle Scholar for 2023.

    Genome Sciences Travel Award winners
    In our first application cycle, the Department has funded 最新免费ssr飞机场 to 3 graduate students – Melissa Chiasson, Claudia Espinoza and Colby Samstag – and one postdoc, Jed Carlson. The awards are funded by income to the Department from endowments established by Genome Sciences faculty and are to encourage professional development.

    Dr. William Noble has received the 2023 ISCB Innovator Award.
    Dr. Kelley Harris has been awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship.
    Dr. Brian Beliveau , Dr. Tera Levin (Malik Lab), and Dr. Alistair Russell (Bloom lab), have been awarded Damon Runyon Dale Frey Awards.
    小飞机翻墙 android has received the 2023 Richard Lounsbery Award from the National Academy of Sciences.

    More Department News
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